The first Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) was installed in 1996 and today there are over 100 systems installed at 70 airports on five different continents. Runway Safe, with our EMASMAX® and greenEMAS systems, is the only manufacturer to meet FAA standards of Advisory Circular 150-5220-22B for arresting systems. Our systems are approved by regulatory bodies around the world including, Japan, UK, Switzerland, France, Brazil and many more. Our clients include both public, private and military airports around the world and we have both CAGE and NCAGE codes.

Runway Safe solutions are always customised when it comes to the design and execution in order to meet our customers’ needs & expectations. All of our delivered projects have their own challenges of runways with short RESA, located on tabletops or limited by surrounding water, roads, houses and other infrastructure.

Our systems have been accredited with more than 20 successful arrestments from small Cessna to Boeing 747.

Please find below examples of some of our successful projects showcasing what is possible to achieve with EMAS solutions from Runway Safe Group.