Runway Safe Group initiate partnership with SARSYS-ASFT

Runway Safe is pleased to announce that we will be the exclusive distributor in North America for the SARSYS-ASFT product suite. With this partnership Runway Safe will enhance the protection of the runway environment with Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME), Runway Weather Information System (RWIS), Multi Information Data Assessment System (MIDAS), SNAp 2.0 – For the Global Reporting Format (GRF) and product/customer service to existing SARSYS customers. 

“Runway Safe is excited for this collaboration opportunity to connect with more customers and provide additional runway safety equipment.  With this additional product offering we can further support our mission to improve safety and enhance the data to support informed operational decisions”, says Todd Gressick, responsible within Runway Safe for the partnership.

“Working with Runway Safe give us additional opportunities to provide safety solutions for runways in North America. We have invested in enhancing our range of products and solutions and together with Runway Safe and their experience and knowledge as a trusted partner to many airports in USA we see this as a perfect set-up. Two industry leaders, SARSYS-ASFT and Runway Safe, unite the expertise to redefine aviation safety and pave the way for innovation that ensures safer landings and takeoffs. Our partnership is the runway to a brighter, more secure future in aviation and we are thrilled and excited to launch this partnership”, says Fredrik Graflind, CEO of SARSYS-ASFT.

 About Runway Safe Group

Runway Safe Group offers unique and tailormade runway safety systems for airports all around the world. Our safety systems are designed by experienced engineers and approved by aeronautical regulatory bodies. The Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) is a passive safety system that quickly de-accelerates an aircraft and brings it to a safe stop in case of an overrun.

Runway Safe arresting system is a passive safety system, and the only one in the world meeting FAA Advisory Circular AC150/5220-22B with installations spanning more than 80 airports in 5 continents. We are proud that our arresting systems have a 100% successful performance record making 21 overrun arrestments to date saving human lives, protecting assets and infrastructure, and improving runway safety.


Swedish company SARSYS-ASFT is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME), and provider of cutting-edge ITS and Road and Runway Weather Information System (RWIS). SARSYS-ASFT is vertical integrated and ISO 9001 certified which are both key pillars to maintain its leading position.

The products include computerized technology for monitoring factors such as friction, freezing points, early ice warning-systems, precipitation, ground frost, ice deposit growth, camera-surveillance systems among other.


For further information, please contact:
Todd Gressick:, +1-856-508-0593 or,
Fredrik Graflind:, +46-411 651 00.


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