greenEMAS – sustainably engineered

The Runway Safe greenEMAS, Engineered Material Arresting System, is a sustainably designed passive safety system that de-accelerates an aircraft, bringing it to a safe stop in case of an overrun. The main arresting component of the greenEMAS is foam glass, which is made from 100% recycled glass. It is a superior safety solution sustainable over a long period of time.

The greenEMAS is accepted by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), FOCA in Switzerland, MLIT in Japan, and DGAC in France. The greenEMAS bed is assembled onsite using local workforce and materials, except for the foam glass that has to be shipped to the location. It has been installed at many airports all over the world with the purpose of saving human lives, assets and infrastructure, in case of an overrun.

Based on many years of extensive research & development and experience, each and every installation is made to be unique. With more than 20 performed overrun tests with various aircraft configurations, we have the data to design the very best airport-specific solution based on conditions such as fleet mix, topography and runway safety area (RSA) available.

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Turnkey solutions

The greenEMAS is a runway safety solution. Runway Safe’s experienced staff is at your service every step of the way, from the initial introduction and throughout the whole lifecycle of the system. We offer airports turn-key projects with full-service; from pre-planning to installation and life-long after-market commitment.

The greenEMAS is a certified ownership which means that the system installation and the partnering airport staff has to be regularly trained and certified by Runway Safe. Regular inspections are to be made by Runway Safe or a delegated person certified by both airport and Runway Safe; thereby guaranteeing the functionality of the greenEMAS’ arresting performance. At all installations we always:

  • assure the quality throughout the duration of each project
  • issue a warranty for the functionality of the greenEMAS system
  • guide the Contractor, Consultant and partnering airport to successfully install the greenEMAS system in terms of time, professionalism, and quality
  • assure the supply and quality of the main arresting material, the foam glass
  • do the greenEMAS design and approve all other construction materials based on given specifications

As mentioned earlier, the greenEMAS system is accepted by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). To learn more about the EMAS system and see what the authorities say about it. Read more in the FAA Fact Sheet.

Construction and design

Saving lives one airplane at a time!