About us

Runway Safe Group in brief

Improving the runway performance and safety

Runway Safe Group is a Swedish entrepreneurial company specializing in runway safety. We save human lives and assets by preventing aircrafts from overrunning the runway.

Our company was founded in 2014, following the launch of an innovative EMAS solution based on many years of extensive research and development of arresting performance of foamed glass. Our history dates back to the 1990s, when our EMASMAX® product range was developed by our experienced staff.

Runway Safe has offices in Europe and North America and an active international partner network throughout the world. The global HQ of Runway Safe Group is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. We also have a regional technology center in Linköping, which is the aviation capital of Northern Europe. Our Global R&D and commercial base for North America operate out of our production facilities in Logan, New Jersey, US.

Safety and long-term commitment will always be priority no.1

Our history


The story of Runway Safe began in 2007 when Jon Narmo, the inventor, had an idea of using foam glass as an arresting component for a large aircraft. Runway Safe was founded later in 2014 when Jon and his team pursued commercialization of the invention.


Our business perspective

Runway safety

Airside safety and in particular safety on and around the runway is one of the most improved airport areas globally. As aircrafts have increased in both weight and speed, the safety margins have decreased.


Our people

Experts in aviation

Runway Safe has a very experienced and professional team of young, agile engineers and experienced senior experts in aviation, construction and business development.


Our values

A safe partner

For the Runway Safe Group safety is always no1 priority. We are a safe business partner striving to be professional, innovative, transparent and reliable, when it comes to everything we do, independently of processes, products and people.

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