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Field Strength Testing for your EMASMAX®

In order to verify that installed EMAS systems maintain their designed arresting capability, a Field Strength Test has been developed by Runway Safe to measure the strength of the cellular concrete EMAS blocks.

This test method is patented and is the only test method that has been approved by the FAA and is used to determine whether the measured block strengths fall within the tolerance bands developed for use with the Field Strength Tester (FST). It is recommended that a Field Strength Test be performed every 3 to 5 years.

The result from the FST will show if the bed still maintains the predicted arresting capability and if there are any other abnormalities found in the blocks that were tested. The FST results can indicate how the system is aging which enables airports to make informed decisions regarding maintenance and overall product life.

“Safety and long-term commitment will always be our priority no.1.”

Inspection Service for your EMASMAX®

Runway Safe provides Inspection services for your EMAS. We offer both annual and semi-annual Inspections, as well as extra Inspections due to an unexpected event such as flood, earthquake or other events of force majour, or if a vehicle accidently drives into the EMAS. Whatever the reason might be – we will be there to assist you with our post installation Inspection services.

The value of retaining Runway Safe to provide additional inspections for your EMAS bed is having an experienced examination of the system by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). A Runway Safe inspector has the advantage of applying the experience gained from inspecting numerous EMAS systems covering a range of environments and ages. Various climate elements expose your systems to many different possible issues. Runway Safe’s extensive experience gives us the ability to identify and report potential issues at their earliest stages suggest any preventive measures.

Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Training – IM&R

The ”Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Training” for your personnel will keep your investment in good condition throughout the lifetime of your EMASMAX® system. A number of EMAS beds are well beyond 10 years old and are deemed perfectly viable and capable of stopping aircraft safely, thanks to thoroughly made Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs when needed.

Since the EMAS is still considered to be a “new” technology, it is likely not everyone is fully aware of the product and its´ important safety function. Therefore it may be necessary to inform airport personnel (maintenance, operations, firefighting, etc.) of the existence of the EMAS, so plans such as those required under the Airport Certification Manual can be updated if necessary.

By having trained personnel we have also seen during the years, as minor maintenance to the beds are done more frequintly, heavier maintenance costs has been avoided thanks to trained personnel with the knowledge of how to maintain and perform minor repairs to the EMAS. That is why we recommend you provide refresher IM&R training to your personnel every 3 years.


Verification of Fleet
Performance – VFP

Runway Safe provides Verification of Fleet Performance (VFP) in case the fleet mix of your airport has changed since the installation of the EMAS system, or if you are considering new routes/destinations to and from your airport and therefore new aircraft may start to use your airport.

Runway Safe will take the considered fleet mix and run it through our FAA approved performance model to learn what the predicted performance will be for all (old and new) aircraft using the runway. Just like when Runway Safe originally modeled the runway we will need the complete fleet mix, the aircraft weight (maximum take-off weight as well as maximum landing weight), length of the runway safety area (RSA or RESA) and the profile of the runway and the RSA.

With this information Runway Safe will run our predicted performance model and jet blast analysis process to learn what the performance and jet blast impact of each aircraft will be. We will then provide a short report outlining our findings and potential concerns we may see.


Service Agreements for EMASMAX®

Runway Safe offer Service Agreements for your EMASMAX®. We can provide the necessary inspection services, oversight, tests and training, together with EMAS specific materials and equipment to inspect and maintain your EMASMAX® bed.

Runway Safe offer several levels of Service Agreements, which include various services depending on which Service Agreement is chosen.

With decades of experince in maintaining the EMASMAX® bed, we know that every airport is unique and that is why Runway Safe also offer tailormade Service Agreements – that would suite your airport and your EMAS system the best.


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