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The aviation industry is global, and our customers are located in different corners of the world. To ensure successful long-term passenger safety, which is the integral component of our solutions, we entrust our local partners to meet the needs of our customers diligently with assured quality. This local approach is essential for building long-term partnerships with the airports in order to secure a strategic aftermarket service throughout the life cycle of the Runway Safe EMAS systems.

Runway Safe is cooperating with some of the leading construction companies in the world such as Kibag Airfield Construction (Switzerland), Lagan Construction Group (Ireland), the Taisei Group (Japan) and the Vinci Group (France) among others. We also cooperate with airport engineering companies in all the markets, where Runway Safe is active. In selected geographical markets, Runway Safe is represented by the companies listed below in order to promote the safety solutions and to service airports and other stakeholders in the specific market.

Runway Safe is represented by the following companies selected and appointed by Runway Safe Group to promote the safety solutions of Runway Safe:


Gadelius Holding Ltd.
The Gadelius Trading House created the Yokohama branch back in 1907. From its earliest days, Gadelius worked hard to secure its position in advanced industrial technologies. Gadelius helps international manufacturers to navigate the intricacies of doing business in Japan, its regulatory and cultural traditions and bridging both ends of trade with skill and expertise. Since late 2015, Gadelius Holding Ltd. is the sole distributor of Runway Safe Group, selling the greenEMAS solution throughout Japan.


KIBAG Airfield Construction AG
KIBAG Airfield Construction is a swiss construction company specialized in Airfield construction projects. The company has great experience and know-how in designing runways, taxiways and parking lots. This also includes specialties such as EMAS, EMAS substructures, use of quick concrete and special coatings. KIBAG Airfield Construction AG is a close co-operation partner for the Runway Safe Group and the greenEMAS system in Europe and parts of the Middle East.

SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA – Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala

Xcentur AB
Xcentur has 20-year long experience operating in Latin America specialising in management and business consulting within aerospace & defense, logistics/transportation as well as SCM segments. From the public sector to the private, Xcentur has provided impeccable services to everyone from local airports & universities to foreign governments and globally recognized corporations. Xcentur is the exclusive representative for Runway Safe Group promoting the greenEMAS solution in the countries given.


KP International (KPI)
KP International (KPI) has many years of experience in civil engineering airside on the Indian subcontinent. KPI, as sole agent of Runway Safe Group, is focusing hard on collaboration with all Indian stakeholders to support the creation of a safe and productive airport network in India and SAARC region (South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation).


Calvin Consulting
Calvin Consulting Engineers have a long and successful cooperation with Taiwan Civil Aviation Administration both as the consultant and service provider of the EMASMAX installation at Songshan Airport, Taipei. With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, it has both the experience and projects across South East Asia.


Atlantis Representacao Comercial LTDA.
Atlantis is the exclusive representative of the Runway Safe Group in Brazil. With head offices in Goiania, Brazil and Zürich, Switzerland, Atlantis services the aviation industry with the greenEMAS solution throughout Brazil.


Invicta Consulting & Partners
Invicta and its partners have almost 30 years of experience in aircraft maintenance & planning, ground handling operations, airport construction, airport operations and trade delegation activities mainly between Sweden and Turkey. Invicta has project finance coordination capabilities from Swedish ECAs with its wide Swedish supplier network namely “Swe-Tur Alliance” for greenfield and extension airport projects. Invicta also has a strong network within civil aviation authorities, airport operators, airport contractors, airlines and grand handling companies in Turkey and surrounding countries.


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