EMASMAX® – optimized engineering

The Runway Safe EMASMAX® is a bed of customised cellular cement material, designed to crush under the weight of an aircraft; thus, providing predictable & controlled deceleration. Once stopped, the unique EMASMAX® material allows passengers and crew members to exit the aircraft safely and for the aircraft to be easily removed from the arresting system. The EMASMAX® is designed to give you the optimized performance, and it is tailor-made to fit your runway and to accommodate your airport specific aircraft fleet mix.

The EMASMAX® is recognized and accepted by a host of civil aviation regulators around the globe, including ICAO, EASA, US-FAA, UK-CAA and French- DGAC. EMASMAX® is now installed on more than 120 runway ends worldwide, while being credited with no fewer than fifteen successful emergency arrestments. The EMASMAX® has proven to be effective in saving human lives, assets and infrastructure, in case of an overrun. Based on decades of extensive research and development and solid experiences and development, each of our installations is unique.

With full scale testing utilizing real aircrafts and with aircraft configuration data, together with overrun testing in our facility, we do have the expertise to design the very best solution for your specific airport conditions – fleet mix, topography and runway end safety area available (RESA). An EMASMAX® arrestor bed can reduce the 240-meter RESA requirement to 140 meters or less.

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EMASMAX® Benefits

The EMASMAX® is a passive safety system. Runway Safe experienced staff are at your service from the very first introduction of the EMASMAX® system to consult you in the dialogue with consultants and national aviation authorities. And to help your airport with every step on the way from preplanning to installation and to offer your runway a life-long after-market commitment.

  • Fast & Easy installation regardless of the fleetmix. The EMASMAX® blocks are produced to meet exact specifications and are tailor-made to fit your runway and to accommodate your specific aircraft fleet mix.
  • Engineered blocks – ready to be installed. The EMASMAX® blocks are ready to be installed – it´s just to set them in order.
  • Effective in all weather conditions. With more than a dozen successful emergency arrestments, the EMASMAX® has proven to be effective in all weather conditions.


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