Construction and design

Our Design – How does it work?

The Runway Safe EMASMAX® is a bed of customized cellular cement material, designed to crush under the weight of an aircraft, thus providing predictable, controlled deceleration. Once stopped, the unique EMASMAX® material allows passengers and crew members to exit the aircraft safely and for the aircraft to be easily removed from the arresting system. The EMASMAX® is designed to give you the optimized performance, tailor made to fit your runway and associated aircraft fleet mix.

EMASMAX® is conditioned to withstand the elements. The system is crowned for drainage, sealed with a Jet Blast Resistant (JBR) coating for durability, and can be supported by a maintenance program to ensure a long life. Winter weather conditions do not affect the system’s performance and snow can be easily removed with commercially available equipment.

“Safety and long-term commitment will always be our priority no.1.”

Construction – How is it constructed?

EMASMAX® is comprised of customised cellular cement blocks, laid out on a prepared base of asphalt or concrete. Individual blocks are adhered to the prepared base, specifically placed within a surveyed grid using hot asphaltic cement. Once blocks are set in place the gaps between blocks are sealed using a caulk or tape material as appropriate for each location.

PAVEMENT – The safety area is graded to standards for drainage and longitudinal slope, adjusted if necessary, based on aircraft performance. The safety area is then paved (shoulder strength, sufficient to accommodate occasional aircraft without deformation), from the runway end just beyond the rear of an EMAS. Between runway end and the arrestor bed pavement may typically be grooved to facilitate aircraft braking.

BLOCKS – The blocks are premanufactured at our production facility, enabling precise production quality to all of our blocks. The precast concrete blocks have bottom trays with fork slots in order to ease handling during installation while each block is individually tested to assure proper strength and quality.

JET BLAST RESISTANT TOP – The blocks are encapsulated with our improved, durable Jet Blast Resistant (JBR) top trays to protect core materials over useful life of the arresting system.

All improvements leading to: Maintenance reduction, Extended durability and product life.

Tailor made design for your airport

No two runways are identical, thus each EMASMAX® application is engineered and customized in length, depth and strength to provide optimum performance for the aircraft traffic at your airport. Individual blocks are manufactured in three distinct FAA approved strengths in order to best accommodate the aircraft at your airport.

The finished EMASMAX® arrestor bed is typically the full width of the runway and is located at the end of the runway. The system is sized for 70-knot performance where space allows (Runway Strip + RESA). In highly constrained areas (short RESAs), EMASMAX® utilizes the space available for maximum stopping capability. An EMASMAX® arrestor bed can reduce the 240-meter RESA requirement to 125 meters or less.


The process of getting an EMAS

Key features

The key features of the EMASMAX® system are:

  • Predictable – EMASMAX® systems, developed and validated using live aircraft testing, are comprised of a bed of cellular concrete blocks, designed to crush under the weight of an overrunning aircraft. Each block is individually “punch tested” to ensure that it meets design parameters (proper strength).
  • Proven – 20+ years of field experience with more than 120 systems fielded.
  • Safe – EMASMAX® systems, to date the only field-proven engineered material arresting system (EMAS) have been credited with successfully arrested 15 aircraft in emergency situations with minimal aircraft damage and no significant injuries to passengers or crew.
  • Durable – The current 4th generation EMASMAX® system, our 4th generation of the original EMAS product has been improved to provide for a significant reduction in maintenance cost over it’s 20 year design life.
  • Versatile – Systems are provided in three different strength options with each installation unique in design with performance optimized to accommodate a wide range of aircraft.
  • Fast installation – built on site with support from the manufacturer, using well proven means and methods allows for smooth & quick installation often during night time runway closures so as to minimize disruption to aircraft operations.
  • Fast repairs – Due to the modular configuration of EMASMAX®, only the sections of an EMAS bed damaged by the aircraft’s tire/landing gear during an overrun need to be replaced.


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