Runway Safe greenEMAS system has been selected to be installed in Brazil as South America’s First EMAS Systems

Runway Safe Group is pleased to announce that we will be providing South America’s first Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) in 2021. Kibag Brazil Ltda & Conserva de Estradas Ltda, two construction firms with significant aviation experience who together have been awarded a contract from INFRAERO will subcontract Runway Safe to provide two greenEMAS for installation, one at each end of runway 17R-35L at Congonhas Airport (IATA: CGH, ICAO: SBSP), São Paulo. Congonhas Airport is, Brazil’s second busiest airport serving +25M passengers in 2019. Installations are currently programmed for construction later this year.

We congratulate INFRAERO and the Brazilian flying public for investing in this lifesaving technology. The new systems are designed and tailored specifically to today’s aircraft operating at the airport and will provide a level of overrun protection against the effects of any future overrun. Runway Safe is honored that our greenEMAS system has been selected for this safety improvement project.

About Runway Safe Group
Runway Safe Group offers unique and tailormade runway safety systems for airports all around the world. Our safety systems are designed by experienced engineers and approved by aeronautical regulatory bodies. The Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) is a passive safety system that quickly de-accelerates an aircraft and brings it to a safe stop in case of an overrun. Runway Safe Group offers a safe investment, a safe delivery and most importantly – a safe stop in the case of an aircraft overrunning the runway.

EMAS systems, now serving over 135 runways worldwide has been credited with safely arresting fifteen aircraft, ranging from a Cessna Citation to a Boeing 747, saving the lives of +350 passengers/crew members. In most cases, after extraction from the EMAS, every aircraft was able to return to service shortly after, and only the sections of the EMAS damaged by the overrunning aircraft’s tires/landing gear are to be replaced.

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