ZRH – Zürich Airport

Zürich, Switzerland


ZRH – Zürich Airport – Switzerland




runway 10 numbered end


32 Million passengers per year


Fleet mix from regional jets aircraft to Airbus A380s


The reason for installing an EMAS at the runway 10 numbered end is the fact that the runway runs very close to a river and therefore a safety system was needed.

Zürich Airport in Switzerland was the first airport outside of the USA to install a greenEMAS bed. The bed is located at runway 10 numbered end, it is 534 feet (163 m) long and 210 feet (64 m) wide, making it so far the largest EMAS bed in the world. It is tailor‐made to fit the airport’s current conditions and fleet mix, which ranges from regional jets aircraft to Airbus A380s.


The installation was carried out during the airport’s normal nightly runway closure. Thanks to carefully planning and skilled construction workers the installation could be carried out without effecting the airports normal operations. The installation, excluding the MMA top sealant, was completed after 23 nights by the swiss construction company Kibag Airfield Construction AG. After the final curing of the CLSM the MMA top sealant was applied in the beginning of August. The greenEMAS was produced with all Swiss made materials. Local swiss foam glass was produced by Misapor after qualification and testing by Runway Safe.