NHT – Royal Air Force Station

Northolt, UK


NHT – Royal Air Force station Northolt – UK




Runway 07/25


Approximately 10.000 passenger flights + additional flights for VIPs including the royal family


Mixed fleet with both military and private flightsy wanted to replace with greenEMAS beds during the renovation works as further step to increase the safety of the station.


RAF Northolt was due to undergo a runway refurbishment project which included the replacement of the out-dated LyTag aircraft arresting system. RAF Northolt’s location within the M25 and in close proximity to local roads, including the A40 (a major trunk road), required an appropriate arresting system which would be able to arrest aircraft in the event of a runway end excursion,

RAF Northolt is a Royal Air Force station in west London and apart from military operations the station also has many private flights. RAF Northolt has one runway 07/25 were greenEMAS bed has been installed at both ends of the runway and replace previously installed Lytag arresting beds.


The installation of the two greenEMAS beds at Northolt was completed during a full closure since the runway was closed due to the renovation works including a complete resurfacing of the runway. The installation period for both beds was between June and October and the last top coating was completed in December 2019.The greenEMAS bed is tailor‐made to fit the airport’s current conditions and fleet mix, which includes smaller jets up to larger military propeller planes. The handover back to the station was able to be completed ahead of schedule thanks to the cooperation together with Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure.