RUN – Roland Garros Airport

Réunion, France


RUN – Roland Garros Airport – France




Threshold 30


2,4 Million Passengers in 2018


Fleet mix from Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42-300 to Airbus A380


Roland Garros Airport (French: Aéroport de la Réunion Roland Garros), is located in Saint-Marie on Réunion. The RESA and Strip at threshold 30 did not fulfill the regulations and it was not possible to extend these distances. Roland Garros Airport decided to install an EMAS system at threshold 30 to improve the safety of the site.


The installation took place between the end of November (2017) to beginning of March (2018). The installation was carried out in sections and all parts of the installation was carried out during night shifts during the airports normal closure hours.

The greenEMAS was placed 5 m from the threshold and has a length of 71.4 m. All part of the work was carried out by local construction teams under supervision of Runway Safe. Runway Safes local partner SBTPC are after the installation capable of handling all aspects of the greenEMAS, including maintenance, inspections and restoration in case of an overrun. This together with the possibility of local storage of material will minimize the down time in case of an overrun.