HND – Haneda Tokyo International Airport

Tokyo, Japan


HND – Haneda Tokyo International Airport – Japan




Threshold 34L (Runway 16R)


87 Million Passengers in 2018


Larger jets from Airbus A320s to A350s, Boeing 737s to Boeing777s


One of their runways (runway 34L numbered end) lacked required RESA and since the airport is growing, they had to find a good solution to make the runway safe – and the answer was to install a greenEMAS.

Haneda Airport – also known as Tokyo International Airport – is one of the two primary airports that serve the greater Tokyo area, and it is also the primary base of Japan´s two major domestic airlines, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways. It is located south of Tokyo Station. Haneda is the fourth busiest airport in the world, able to handle 90 million passengers every year.


The installation of the greenEMAS at Haneda was completed over three different phases between February and August due to other ongoing construction work at the airport. Therefore, the installation was performed during three different seasons from winter to summer. During the entire installation period the airport was kept operational for air traffic since the installation was conducted during nightly closure.

The most important and challenging aspects during the execution was logistic planning together with material waste minimizing and a lot of attention to details was required. Throughout the installation we cooperated and worked closely together with Gadelius and this cooperation was key to the success of installing Asia’s first greenEMAS.