Safety first

A safe investment, a safe delivery and – most importantly – a safe stop.

Welcome to Runway Safe

Runway Safe Group offers unique and tailormade runway safety systems for airports all around the world. Our safety systems are designed by experienced engineers and approved by aeronautical regulatory bodies. The Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) is a passive safety system that quickly de-accelerates an aircraft and brings it to a safe stop in case of an overrun. Runway Safe Group offers a safe investment, a safe delivery and most importantly – a safe stop in the case of an aircraft overrunning the runway.

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Each EMAS project is unique and depends on multiple factors such as the airport’s previous EMAS experience, the geographical location of the runway, climate zones etc. What is common for all successful installations is a well-executed project planning and preparation phase.

Our process

A long-term partnership

We at Runway Safe view the decision to install a Runway Safe EMAS as the start of a long-term partnership between Runway Safe and your organization. We will be there from initial planning, during installation and throughout the lifetime of your EMAS system.


The EMAS offers

Saving human lives by protecting assets and infrastructure is our mission. Runway Safe EMAS enables airports to optimize their runway performance and ensures new traffic opportunities such as long-distance routes and increased landing and take-off weight.

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The story behind each customer

Installing an EMAS is an exercise in meeting the needs of the airport and national and international regulatory requirements.

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HND - Haneda

Tokyo, Japan

Haneda Airport – also known as Tokyo International Airport – is one of the two primary airports that serve the greater Tokyo area, and it is also the primary base of Japan´s two major domestic airlines, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

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NHT – Northolt

Northolt, UK

The installation of the two greenEMAS beds at Northolt was completed during a full closure since the runway was closed due to the renovation works. Runway Safe delivered design service, quality assurance and foam glass during the installation of UK´s two first greenEMAS beds.

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RUN – Roland Garros

Réunion, France

The installation took place between the end of November (2017) to beginning of March (2018). The installation was carried out in sections and all parts of the installation was carried out during night shifts during the airports normal closure hours.

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