Runway Safe as a company is based on three fundamental core values. Safe, Sustainable and Straight-forward. Everything we do stem from these values.

 A safe investment. And a safe delivery. Runway safety may be why we’re all here – it’s always the end goal – but everything starts with a safe investment. That’s why at Runway Safe, we’ve invested our time and resources into developing an EMAS that can truly make a difference – to airports and investors alike – by challenging a single competitor with a far superior, patented, full responsibility for the entire installation, including helping out with site design or ensuring government compliance. Because in the end, or rather the beginning, a safe investment means a safe delivery.

A sustainable solution. And sustainable relations. To us at Runway Safe, sustainability is a given. It’s an integral part of everything we do. With the world’s only green EMAS, we’re challenging the competition with new thinking, proving that runway safety without environmental impact is a very real possibility. And while we’re on the subject of sustainability, it’s also how we view our customer relations. Because we know that investing in an EMAS is the beginning of a long-term partnership. And we are here to deliver. Today, and – perhaps most importantly – tomorrow.

A straight-forward approach. And a ’straight forward’ direction. In Sweden, there’s a word that we think perfectly describes the way we like to do business. That word is “Schysst”, translating into something like straight-forward. Which, in any case, is how we’d like to be perceived – by customers, investors and employees alike. That’s why we go out of our way to always be open and friendly, easy to work with and, for lack of a better word to-earth. Oh, and if you’re ever wondering which direction we’ll be heading in, in a near or distant future, we think you already know the answer. It’s straight forward. Of course.