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Why install an EMAS?

In this short post you will learn how EMAS – a passive safety system located on airport runways, are regulated by regulatory bodies. Learn how an EMAS can help increase safety at airport’s that have runway limitations due to physical constraints around the airport such as lack of space, environment and tabletop located airports. Can having an EMAS increase runway capacity?


The typical time where to install an engineered materials arresting system [EMAS] is when the airport’s runway doesn’t have the ICAO required 90-meter RESA.

At the end of the runway, you’re having a 60-meter runway strip, and then beyond that, by ICAO regulation, you should or shall have at least the 90-meter required RESA. ICAO of course recommends a full 240-meter RESA. But in most cases, local Civil Aviation Authorities do only require the 90-meter RESA.

The EMAS, Engineered Materials Arresting System, is a passive system, that’s an energy absorbent system that is custom configured for each airport – based on the requirements of the airport from the runway length, elevation, and the fleet mix for that specific airport.

Other instances where an airport want to install an EMAS, is when there isn’t the proper space for that 90-meter required RESA – a tabletop airport. It can also be when an airport is space constrained, maybe located by a lake or body of water, or a highway that isn’t movable, or is required according to regulations.

Another area is obviously to increase runway capacity, which can increase an airport’s revenue by gaining larger aircraft, more passengers and cargo out of an airport. Having an EMAS is a way to increase the distance available on the runway for landing and takeoff.

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