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Financial Responsibility in Overrun Incidents into EMAS:

When an overrun into an Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) occurs, the responsibility for covering the costs typically lies with the airline or aircraft operator involved. Here are some key points regarding the financial aspects of an overrun incident into an EMAS:

Airline Responsibility

The airline operating the aircraft is generally responsible for the costs associated with the overrun, including any damage to the aircraft, repairs, or replacement expenses. This responsibility is usually outlined in contractual agreements between the airline and the airport.

Insurance Coverage

Airlines typically have insurance coverage to protect against various risks, including aircraft damage. Depending on the specific insurance policy, it may cover costs related to overrun incidents in an EMAS. The insurance company may be involved in assessing the damage and processing claims.

Airport Liability

In cases where there is a defect or failure in the EMAS system itself, and it can be proven that the system did not perform as intended, there could be a potential liability on the part of the airport or the entity responsible for the installation and maintenance of the EMAS. However, such cases are relatively rare, as EMAS systems are designed and built to strict standards to ensure their reliability and effectiveness.

Legal Considerations

In the event of an overrun incident, legal proceedings may arise to determine liability and financial responsibility. This can involve investigations by aviation authorities, insurance companies, and potentially legal action between the parties involved, such as the airline, airport, and insurance providers.
It’s important to note that the specific details and financial arrangements in overrun incidents can vary depending on factors such as local regulations, contractual agreements, insurance policies, and the circumstances of the incident. It is advisable for airlines and airports to have appropriate insurance coverage and legal agreements in place to address such situations and allocate financial responsibilities.

Listen below to Chicago Executives’ overruns

Interview with Andrew Wolanik, ACE, Director of Operations & Maintenance at Chicago Executive Airport. Todd Gressick (Runway Safe) and Andrew Wolanik discuss their experience with Chicago Executives two EMAS beds. Chicago Executive Airport has had two EMAS arrestments, saving lives and assets. Andrew share their experience in terms of how long they had to shut the runway after an incident occurred, the repair of the EMAS, and maintenance of the bed.

Thank You Andrew for taking your time to share your experiences with EMAS beds.


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