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Roland Garros Airport

The island of Reunion is a French overseas department and has approximately 850 000 inhabitants. The main languages are creole and French. Cultural influences include Indian, African, Chinese and French heritage. The airport Roland Garros had 2.1M passengers coming through in 2016. There are direct flights from islands nearby such as Mauritius and Madagascar and also from France, India, Thailand, South Africa among others.

Who knew that the first greenEMAS© installation in the EU would take place in the middle of the Indian Ocean?

The procurement process initiated by the airport started when they contracted engineering company SETEC to investigate which system would best meet the special requirements on Reunion island, including resistance to salt water, cyclons and high temperatures. In April 2017 Runway Safe won the procurement and started the project of installing the greenEMAS on threshold 30 the 14 of November 2017.

Many things have been involved in making the project a success. There has been regulative issues, a procurement process in French, logistic challenges in shipping, and a succesful partnership with local construction company SBTPC (a subsidiary of Vinci construction group). All installation work has had to be done by night during the usual stop of airport operation. 

- We never thought we would end up so far from home installing the first greenEMAS in the EU, says Anders Lundmark, CEO of Runway Safe. Things have really worked smoothly, mainly thanks to the excellent cooperation of all parties. SBTPC has been a great partner, and our customer, the Roland Garros airport, has been very helpful throughout the planning and the installation works.

- Runway Safe has been a good partner in this project, says Christophe Briges, Director of Public Works at SBTPC, as he confirms that the partnership is both respectful and cheerful. Cultural differences and language barriers can be a challenge, both sides have made efforts to make the work successful, says Christophe.

- Throughout the project, Runway Safe has also had valuable support from Business Sweden’s office in France, says Anders Lundmark. They have assisted us in the different phases, for instance in finding a partner locally and coordinating contacts with key stakeholders.

The 5th December Runway Safe arranged an installation seminar on Reunion island with all the involved parties. The seminar included a visit to the construction site at night.


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