The first ever greenEMAS® was installed on the busiest squaremile of aviation, at Chicago Midway International Airport in October 2014.

Chicago Midway International Airport was the first airport in the world to install a greenEMAS®. It replaced the first generation aircraft-arresting system built at Midway in 2006-2007 for more than $24 million.

The old system was removed because it was too brittle under regular operating conditions and cost the Chicago Department of Aviation millions of dollars in repairs and inspection.

Midway, which occupies only 1 square mile is outfitted with arrestor beds due to the lack of enough land to construct the minimum 1000-foot runway safety zone required beyond the end of runways to provide extra stopping protection, according to the FAA.

The system complies with the FAA runway safety standards stated in United States FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-22B.

greenEMAS® were installed at runway 22L.

The installation at Midway in 2014 was executed in three phases. First there was a 3 nights preclosure. The old ESCO system was removed, and anchors for the geogrids were set. Secondly, the installation was completed mainly in 56 hrs, from placement of the foam glass through placement of CLSM and initial cure, leaving the runway safe for arrivals. Finally there was a post closure, days/nights (3-5 days later) for MMA application, top and chevrons that took 24 hrs.

The runway was open for departures after 72 hrs CLSM cure.

In 2015, the second EMAS was replaced. It was completed through November of 2015. The third replacement took place in early 2016 with complete install in June. Later on during 2016 the fourth and last of the replacements will be done.

Foam glass poured in place. Just one construction detail that makes the installation smooth and rapid.

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