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Technical specifications


At Runway Safe we understand that making the decision to install a Runway Safe greenEMAS® bed is the creation of a long-term partnership between your organization and Runway Safe. We value your investment and that partnership, and we commit to providing outstanding support throughout the life of your EMAS bed. The journey of ownership begins with an exceptional Runway Safe greenEMAS® and continues with outstanding product support.

Procurement and Project Development

Project procurement can be complicated. At Runway Safe we understand that specific procedures and processes need to be followed. Our team has extensive experience with public procurement methods and has developed the skills to successfully navigate that process. After making the decision to purchase a Runway Safe greenEMAS®, our team of project managers will assist in determining the scope of your project. At Runway Safe we understand that every airport is different, and therefore every installation is unique. From replacing an existing system, to installing a new system on a green-field site, our team is prepared to provide any and all developmental services required to ensure a successful project. Whether it is site survey work, site design, production of detailed construction specifications, preparing the Performance Report, cost estimating, scheduling, or constructability and phasing reviews, Runway Safe has the resources to accommodate your project needs.

Construction Management

Throughout the construction process, you can be assured that a dedicated Runway Safe installation team member will be onsite to oversee your installation. From familiarity with typical airport construction to the extensive knowledge of your specific Runway Safe greenEMAS®, you can take comfort in knowing that every aspect of the installation will be overseen and approved by a qualified representative.

Customer Service and Support

At Runway Safe, we put the needs and concerns of our customers first. Airports operate 24/7… so do we. The knowledgeable technical support that you need is only a phone call away, any time of the day or night. In situations where a phone call will not suffice, onsite technical expertise is available within 24 hours.

Technical specifications
Fact sheet greenEMAS®

Fact sheet greenEMAS®

EMAS GOING GREEN Runway Safe is the world’s only green engineered material arresti􀆟ng system (EMAS.) It is sustainable, durable, and complies with the required standards of the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220‐22B.

COST EFFECTIVE The Runway Safe greenEMAS bed offers a lower total cost of ownership due to our patented design, ease of maintenance, and first‐class customer service. The loose fill properties of the material allows for monolithic installation, offering the customer a significant cost savings in installation and maintenance.

WARRANTY Runway Safe is the first to offer an unprecedented three‐year warranty on each Runway Safe greenEMAS®.

DURABLE The silica foam aggregate is fire resistant, freeze/thaw resistant, and chemically inert. Its closed‐cell microstructure makes it resistant to water absorption and degradation. The protective cover layer, comprised of a pour-in‐place cementitious slab with apolymeric cover layer, is an integral and functional component of the EMAS. It provides environmental and jet blast protection, as well as for tuning the overrun dynamics. These features are combined with the intrinsic durability of silica foam, which is sufficiently robust to allow outdoor storage in open piles. Silica foam glass further allows easy material transport to the installation site, handling durability, and a cost‐effective installation.

MAINTENANCE NEEDS The system needs little to no maintenance once it is installed. As required by the FAA, routine inspections are completed. Runway Safe will work with the owner to tailor a maintenance and warranty plan to meet the needs of the customer.

CONSTRUCTION The construction of a green EMAS® bed consists of a monolithic installation process. The foam glass is brought to the site loose, leveled to the design height, and then covered with a permanent cover layer. The primary construction material is a lightweight aggregate silica foam made from recycled glass. The patented and technically superior design of crushable silica foam layered with a durable concrete and polymer cover makes the Runway Safe greenEMAS® bed more resistant to the harsh elements of a runway’s environment. This bed’s unique and easy‐to‐install design results in a more durable product offering reduced runway closure times, reduced maintenance costs and a longer life of the arresting system.

STOPPING POWER Made with recycled glass, the specially designed system stops an aircraft overrun with no human injury and minimal aircraft damage. The energy absorbed by the lightweight aggregate silica foam and the cover layer causes the plane to slow down, eventually stopping the aircraft.

LOCAL RESOURCES Locally sourced materials and local construction crews are used to install the bed. The crew can also be used to repair the EMAS bed, if needed.

EASE OF REPLACEMENT Should an overrun occur, the damaged portions of the bed can be repaired through replacement of the impacted area. The area will receive CLSM and top coat will be patched to restore the integrity of the bed. Repair materials can be easily stored on site to expedite the restoration of the bed. Material from the damaged bed areas can be reused for other projects that require lightweight construction fill.

ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL APPROACH Every Runway Safe greenEMAS® bed is tailored to the needs of the airport’s environment. Our engineering team works with you to ensure all requirements are met. Other services include: system familiarization, site survey work, site design, production of detailed construction specifications, cost estimation, scheduling and construct-ability review.

WEATHER RESISTANT Each bed is tailored‐made to the needs of the environment. Also, being a silica product, the foam glass is environmentally safe, non‐flammable, waterproof, and does not wash out of the bed over time.

SNOW REMOVAL In many cases, the blast from the jets will clear away most water and snow reducing the need to clean the EMAS. In the event of needing to perform snow removal, equipment similar to the construction equipment, consisting of tracked vehicles can be used after approval from Runway Safe engineers. The beds are designed to allow for positive drainage so rain should not be an issue.