greenEMAS® - sustainably engineered

Runway contamination, adverse weather conditions, mechanical failure or pilot error – there are many possible causes for runway overruns.

Should an overrun occur the Runway Safe greenEMAS® is designed to crush under the weight of the aircraft, quickly decelerating the aircraft and bringing it to a safe stop.

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Design made to last.

The main component in the patented Runway Safe greenEMAS® system is a lightweight aggregate foam made from recycled glass. Since the crushable foam glass is an inert material it has superior resistance to the harsh environment of a runway.

Each bed is designed to accommodate a specific fleet mix and runway safety area (RSA) configurations.

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Runway Safe works with some of the busiest civil airports in the world.

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What about performance?

The Runway Safe greenEMAS® arrestor bed is constructed to resist jet blast, fire, and foul weather for many years to come.

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The Runway Safe greenEMAS® system was developed using full-scale testing and high-performance computer modelling.

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