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The world's first and only greenEMAS®

Short for Engineered Material Arresting System, an EMAS is an arrestor bed built of energy-absorbing material designed to crush under the weight of the aircraft, safely decelerating it and bringing it to a safe stop.

Runway Safe provides not just an innovative EMAS solution, but the world’s first and only green EMAS – a durable, sustainable and cost-efficient solution to mitigate safety area deficiencies. The primary construction material is a lightweight aggregate foam made from recycled glass.

The patented Runway Safe greenEMAS® system is comprised of three main components. The first is a recycled energy-absorbing loose fill material known as foam glass. The second is a durable polymer concrete cover, which acts as a protective layer and helps to arrest the aircraft. And the third is the actual sub-structure for anchoring the bed to the underlying pavement.

Key features

Key features

The key features of the greenEMAS® system are:

  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Fast repairs - loose fill material can be stored on site
  • Seamless, encapsulated construction
  • Made of inert material, absorber and cover materials not susceptible to the elements
  • Safe and controlled deceleration
  • Low lifecycle impact on the environment
  • Cost-efficient pour-in-place construction
  • Customazible jetblast resistance
  • Fast installation, built on site

Runway Safe’s EMAS system was approved by the FAA in 2012, after extensive R&D.

Development - a future assurance

Runway Safe is conducting development activities related to the improvement and optimization of the greenEMAS®. Some of the development and testing tasks pertain to near-term improvements in construction procedures, some involve longer-term improvements in design and construction, some are material-level testing efforts, and others involve large scale testing of the entire system.

Near-term construction improvements, longer term design and construction improvements and overrun testing will continue to be performed in house by Runway Safe AB/LLC. Material-level testing and evaluation involves many facets, however, and Runway Safe continues to involve other groups and organizations through contract or other mechanism to support the development efforts.


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