Since late 2015 Runway safe is proud to announce that Gadelius Holding Ltd. is the sole business partner of Runway Safe Group in Japan. Gadelius will market, sell and install greenEMAS® to airports in Japan.

When a pioneering Swedish family opened a Yokohama branch of their trading company in 1907, they had already been active in Asia for a decade.

That trading house, Gadelius, has flourished in Japan for nearly a century, growing and successfully adapting to the changes and challenges of the country's economy. Our success builds on founder Knut Gadelius's philosophy of introducing unique, high-quality, high-technology products to the Japanese market. Gadelius has always added value to the process of trade; over the years we have provided engineering, local manufacturing, sales and after-service functions to our suppliers. Gadelius helps international manufacturers to navigate through the intricacies of Japan's business, regulatory and cultural traditions, bridging both ends of trade with skill and expertise.

From its earliest days, Gadelius established a position in advanced industrial technologies. Over the years, we have introduced many world-renowned firms into Japan, and nurtured their growth in the market--names such as Atlas Copco, Höganäs, Kanthal and Sandvik.

Today, Gadelius continues this tradition of representing the best from the world in Japan today--adding true value to the process of trade while focusing on sales and after-market services.